Diabetes Prevention in Kids


Think about it… everyone knows a diet high in sugar, fat and calories is guaranteed to create weight gain and reduction in insulin sensitivity. If this is true then why is childhood obesity so prevalent.

Maybe its because we don’t know. Insulin sensitivity is when excess sugar is removed from the bloodstream and taken into cells where it is burned as energy. When someone is insulin resistant, the fat burning process is shutdown. Most diabetics are insulin resistant and most people who are insulin resistant are overweight. Some of the problem may be that too many self serving ads and publications create peer pressure against common sense. It’s just not cool to exercise and eat your vegetables.

It’s a common misconception that diabetes is inherited from your parent, more often it’s the eating habits and sedentary lifestyle that are inherited. As metabolic syndrome, obesity and bad diets spread, so too have incidences of type 2 diabetes in children, previously incredibly rare. It is regrettable that it is so difficult in our society to make diabetics aware that a nutritional alternative to drug treatment exists.

Type 2-diabetes as one of the easiest conditions to cure, at least for those who are happy to adopt a more natural diet. With this I mean that the blood sugar regulation can easily be normalized. It is, of course, more difficult to reverse the degenerated conditions of the eyes, blood vessels and other organs. Of course it is much easier to prevent type 2-diabetes than it is to cure. Use only a minimum of sweeteners Exercise and control your weight Eat fruits, nuts and vegetables.

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