About I-Neglect

I Neglect is committed to the healthy development of the social and cultural needs of underprivileged children in Southeast Texas. While there are many foundations and charities benefiting children, there is still a major shortage of available resources, including gifts that money cannot buy.

Who is I-Neglect ?
Kurt J Henry  Founder kurt@ineglect.org
President Lisa Vickers lisa@ineglect.org
Vice President Gerard Drechsel gerard@ineglect.org
Secretary Gary Dalton gary@ineglect.org
Treasurer Shelby Vickers shelby@ineglect.org
Board Member Larry Grzebielucha larry@ineglect.org
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I-Neglect Charity is officially certified by the IRS as having a Public Charity status 170(b)(1)(A)(vi), EIN 42-1562329. Further details are available upon request. Contact Kurt at Kurt@Ineglect.org.