Role Model

role model



A person who serves as a model in a particular behavioral or social role for another person to emulate.
A person regarded by others, as a good example to follow.
A person whose behavior in a particular social setting is imitated by others.

Every kid needs a role model.

We all had someone provide guidance and encouragement.
This website is about paying it forward.

A person has many role models in their lives. First of all it’s the parents who have the greatest influence, but a child’s peer group will always have a profound effect on them. Having a variety of positive influences are essential. We all have had an influential person in our lives that have changed our lives for better or worse.


role modelIt’s a fact that our human senses take in much more information than the conscious mind can make sense of.
Information is filtered through the mind’s belief systems.
All of us as kids were sure we had the world figured out as we raced headlong towards victory.
Then as adults we came to understand that even an intelligent child is reliant on adults for emotional and factual knowledge.
Luckily some of us survived childhood and are still around to read this article and maybe do something to help.
The stakes are high for our kids.
Today 100,000 children and teens are incarcerated in juvenile facilities and thousands more in adult prisons.
US department of Justice Research shows that youths incarcerated with adults are eight times more likely to commit suicide than in juvenile facilities, five times more likely to be sexually assaulted.
A successful citizen adds on average 5 million dollars to the economic value to society in their life.
An unsuccessful one costs society several million dollars in expenses.

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